new build


Cammack Builders choose their plots very carefully. Each site is fully evaluated with careful consideration given to the style of every building, sympathy to its surrounding area and the likely desires of the potential owners. Are the owners likely to need home office space? Will they need room to expand a growing family? Does the design need to incorporate a large glass area to get the benefit of the view? Is a low maintenance home with a practical sized garden what is needed? Or are they more likely to want underfloor heating and as many kitchen gadgets as you can shake a stick at?

Once we have established what the client may want, we work closely with planners. architects, environment agencies and our team of experts, to design just what we want. Where appropriate, we incorporate innovation, new technology and some thoughtful additions whether internally, externally or within the landscaped boundaries of the property.

It is because we design this way that you will find our portfolio contains a unique combination of modern and traditional properties.

And as we know how complex and stressful moving home can be, we try to be as flexible as possible. We generally have a very close relationship with our buyers, constantly working with them to complete their home when they want, to the specification they want, from kitchen finish to paint colours, floor coverings, fireplaces and chinaware.

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